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Title: Thud! Author: Terry Pratchett Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy…

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Title: Thud!
Author: Terry Pratchett
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Comedy
Rating: 9.6

As if Terry Pratchett could write a bad book. I mean, come on. That'd be like saying Robert Jordan could easily finish up the rest of his series in the next book. Pshaw.

Thud! is another book that circles the life of one interesting Commander of the Watch Sam Vimes. Evidently a troll had killed a rather high up dwarf and now there is civil unrest (well, more than usual at least) in Ankh Morpork and poor old Sam has to fix it. It's a good thing that he's totally uncorruptable--not the sharpest knife in the box, you have to understand--but completely dependable.

There are plenty of times when I laughed out loud, had to share a moment with Donna or even caught the attention of my row-mate on the plane and had to explain a particular passage to her. He also has a great way of weaving story and comedy together so that when you start getting into the meat of the plot, you don't end up feeling gypped at the end of it. Never once have I read a Pratchett book where I thought the plot line weak, the rapport between characters chintzy or anything of that matter. He really is a great story teller and because he can make you laugh at the same time he has you hanging on the edge of your seat, I will continue to purchase his hard back books as they come out--which seems to be twice a year.
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