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Spell of the Highlander

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Title: Spell of the Highlander
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Genre: Romance
Rating: 9.8

This is the sixth or seventh book of Moning's that's been released, and all but two of them follow along the same series of characters as they interact with each other. Spell of the Highlander picks up after the end of fourth book The Immortal Highlander, and deals with another of the MacKelter line, which is followed in books two and three, Kiss of the Highlander and The Dark Highlander. Now, before you wonder what the hell I'm doing writing about romance novels, I have to say that they are outstanding. Moning incorporates a rich detail of the Fae (the Scottish/Irish mythology of fairies) and weaves it into a story about Highlanders ripped from their own times and placed in present day. More so, there are times that I can do nothing but laugh out loud when she writes the characters saying something or another, or even cry or get angry along with the characters as things happen. You literally rip through the pages, pulled into her spell, unwilling to put the book down until it's done.

The following is a short exerpt from Spell of the Highlander to give a small taste of the cute humor she works into the story. This occurs when Gwen opens the door from the library to leave and shuts it again, saying they should wait about half an hour or so. She'd just seen the main two characters--ah--well I'm sure you'll get the meaning. =)

She tried again. “You know, they’re out there.”
Drustan continued to regard her expectantly.
“Oh, Gwen.” Chloe cooed excitedly, “do you mean they’re out there?”
Gwen nodded.
“Ha!” Chole exclaimed. “I knew that woman wasn’t stupid.”
“Wait a minute. They’re out there?” Dageus said disbelievingly. “The two of them are out there in the corridor? I put over a hundred rooms in this castle, and they’re bloody out there in the bloody corridor as if they couldn’t find a door to the chamber…?”

If you're not shy about reading romance novels, I would recommend reading Kiss of the Highlander, The Dark Highlander, The Immortal Highlander, and this most recent one Spell of the Highlander. This one was just released and I'm already eagerly awaiting the next book's release to see where she continues to take this story.
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