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The Hard Way

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Title - The Hard Way
Author - Lee Child
Genre - Modern Mystery & Suspense
Rating - 7/10

I usually read what's classified as high fantasy. You know, Jordan, Carey, Goodkind, Tolkien, etc. Every so often, though, you'll catch me with my nose in a good mystery. Originally I got hooked on Grisham, who wrote a menagerie of books. I started with The Client. Lee Child writes sort of like Grisham does, only all of his books rotate around a single main character, Jack Reacher. Jack is an ex-military investigator, and he seems to get himself pulled into all sorts of interesting scenarios, based on who he is/was.

In The Hard Way, Jack is hired by a man named Edward Lane, to help locate his missing wife and child. It starts in NYC, but through some terrific tale-spinning, ends up all the way across the ocean. It's a good book if you like mysteries that include money, guns, and girls. I enjoyed it! And it's the fourth book by Lee Child I've read. All the others were good as well.
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