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Book reviews! Both of these are audio. The only books I’m actually…

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Book reviews!

Both of these are audio. The only books I’m actually reading are the WoT series, in anticipation of the new book.

So, the first:

The Testament, by John Grisham.
Finished: sometime in September
Rating: 8.2

I’m not normally a big John Grisham fan, though I did go through a phase about ten years ago where I read a bunch of his books. I remembered this was a pretty good book so I got it again.

Basically, Troy Phelan is this crotchety old man who’s a billionaire on the brink of death. He has a bevy of ungrateful ruffian children and ex-wives who are salivating to get their paws on sweet, sweet cash, and so he devises a clever plan to get them out of his will. He creates a will and testament giving it all to them, then at the last minute, when they’re not in the room, he makes a new will that cancels the old one. The new will cuts out all his ruffian children from the will, leaving ti all to some unknown illegitimate named Rachel. Then he jumps out the window and poof, he dies. He orders his lawyer not to reveal the new will for a month.

The children of course think they are billionaires and go out and spend wads of cash, putting themselves more in debt. When the new will is finally read, they go apeshit and start lawsuits to prove the old man was crazy.

But that’s just the sideline story. The real tale is the search for Rachel. You see, dear readers, Rachel Lane is a devout Christian missionary holed up in the jungles of the Pontanal in the depths of Brazil. No one knows exactly where she and her Indian friends are, so Nate O’Riley is sent after her.

Nate is fresh out of detox and already itching for his next drink. The story follows him as he makes his way through the vast Pontanal, searching for Rachel. When he finally finds her, of course missionary Rachel has no interest in the money.

And it goes on from there, but I sha’ant spoil it. This was actually a pretty good book. Interesting to listen to.

Garden of Beasts: A Novel of Berlin 1936, by Jeffrey Deaver.
Finished October 6, 2005
Rating: 9.2

This book surprised me in how much I enjoyed it. It was one of those random audio titles I picked up at the library, and it turned out to be riveting. Yes, riveting.

This is the story of Germany during the Berlin Olympics, when Hitler was gaining power but the world didn’t quite yet know what a monster he was.

Paul Schumann is a New York “buttonman”, a hit-man with big fists and pretty blue eyes. He is caught by the US government and told that if he does one last job, they’ll clear his record. He is sent undercover to the Berlin Olympics on a mission to assassinate Colonel Reinhard Ernst, the man in charge of building up Hitler’s army.

It’s the tale of his quest to kill Ernst, while learning more and more about the horrors of Hitler and his National Socialist party. It’s also the tale of Willi Kohl of the Berlin police, the Krippo—which I thought was the most interesting part of the book. Kohl is a brilliant detective, and during his hunt for Paul Schumann he, too, begins to discover the evils of Hitler.

Really good book.

Taryn, I’d recommend this one to you because a) it’s a mystery kind of thing and b) it’s about an assassin
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On October 7th, 2005 03:11 pm (UTC), goddesstaryn commented:
I read The Testament myself one day while down at Kentucky Lake (as opposed to Lake Barclay...where neither of us know why one is named one way and the other named another LOL) and I liked it. I admit that I'm a fan of Grisham's works and I don't like to watch movies on his books because they can never get in all the sub-plots he weaves through his stories. I did like this book, though and will probably read it again when I get through some other books I need to get through. =)
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On October 7th, 2005 03:11 pm (UTC), goddesstaryn commented:
Oh and oooh
I'll put that second one on my list. =)